In light our our new blog, I think I should give you a glimpse of what our daily lives look like. So, here it goes. This is a typical day for us:

6am: the alarm goes off (which is not your normal beep beeping, but rather it is a previously picked CD – in my opinion, this is much better); Doug gets up.

6:30am: Doug wakes me up… and we usually eat breakfast – me drooling and him his usual bouncy happy self!

7am: Doug goes to work and I go back to bed for a few hours!

9am-12pm: I do whatever is on my list of things to do: laundry, studying, cleaning, and now, updating this blog.

12pm-1pm: Doug comes home for lunch (he works so close to home that his boss lets him come home!)

1pm-2pm: I get ready for work and leave.

2:30pm-11:30pm: I go to work (I work the second shift in a hospital, which I like for the most part, however it makes it hard to spend time with Doug – the reason why I am so happy to be able to eat lunch with him!)

4pm-9:30pm: Doug comes home from work and he does whatever he has on his list of things (which can vary, but usually he works on his last class of seminary career!)

10pm: Doug goes to the land of sleepies.

12am-2am or so: I get home around midnight most nights and stay up for a while (because my body is so awake!). I like to read, play computer games, or knit. Then I enter the land of sleepies! And it begins all over again at 6am!

It’s a draining schedule, but God has really blessed us with the opportunity to see each other throughout the day and on days that I don’t work, we get more time together. I treasure those moments.