Today we went to the CBD warehouse sale. To those of you who know what I mean, it bares no explaination. However, let me explain for those of you who just said, “CB..what?!”

Ok, picture this: We got there early to stand in line OUTSIDE for the warehouse to open to the general public (it is only open 3 times a year for the public…check out the regular store here). We got there about 6:15am; it opened at 7am. It was just under 40 degrees this morning, so that’s actually not that bad. They provide free coffee/tea and donuts for the early birds! So, while we munched on our glazed sticks and sipped our tea, we waited. Then, the doors opened and we rushed into the warehouse. Picture in your mind the bridal shop at Filene’s Basement – well, actually it’s not that bad, but we definitely feel like cows trying to go through a very small gate 🙂 Anyway, once you’re inside there are tables all over the place with books, CDs, movies, gifts, etc. Basically you rummage. It is a bit overwhelming for first timers and even for veterans it can be rather tiring. The best part of the whole thing is that you can get really expensive things for really cheap because they were either sent back or damaged somehow. Actually, no, that’s not the best part. The best part is that on the way out they have boxes of free things and often you can find some really good things in these bins! It’s also really cool because if you want to get something from the warehouse that hasn’t been returned or is not on one of the tables you can go searching through the aisles upon aisles of the actual warehouse! Actually, you can get quite lost, but it is an experience not to miss!

You may ask why we keep going. Well, there are several answers. Originally it was a place to get books for Doug for seminary (they have a whole academic section – you should see the tables; they empty in 30 minutes!!), and then it was for music, but then maybe now it’s just because we are hooked (maybe it’s the adrenaline rush!). Now we’ve made tradition out of it – we meet friends there and go out for breakfast at IHOP afterwards. It has become a morning that I really enjoy.

If you’re ever in the NE MA region during one of these sales (Fall, spring, early winter) I would definitely suggest you stop by. You don’t have to get there early, we just like to because you have the best selection!