Question: What do you do when your oven has billowing smoke coming out of it (due to burning cornmeal on a pizza stone), AND your husband is vigorously fanning the smoke detector (in order to disperse the smoke enough so that it won’t go off causing your whole building to evacuate), AND your apartment (or kitchen) is full of smoke?

Answer: Throw the pizza stone out the window!!

No joke. This was us last night. I must say that I felt pretty stupid especially since we are usually so careful about the smoke detector and making sure we aren’t the culprits for setting it off. In this one thing we suceeded – we didn’t set it off! To be honest, I am not quite sure how it didn’t go off, but like I said we were both fanning the air like it was nobody’s buisness (it was a pretty good work out) and we had fans blowing smoke out the kitchen windows. We finally had the brilliant idea to get the stone outside! The next question was how to do that. So, Doug took the screen out (while I was fanning) and then we switched places and I tossed the stone out the window (it was raining last night, so there were no worries about plants catching on fire!). It was amazing how much of a difference there was – the kitchen practically immediately cleared out!

When the smoke had cleared and the pizza stone was back inside (sans burnt cornmeal!) we decided to try again because our poor uncooked pizza was still sitting on the counter. By the time we finally cooked it and ate it, I was exhausted from all the adrenaline and I wasn’t all that hungry. But let me tell you, it was yummy – it had better have been!!