A lot happened today in terms of our future. Doug has a scheduled phone “interview” on Monday with World Relief and I was informed to schedule an interview with Johns Hopkins University.

Concerning World Relief: Doug’s contact with WR has been several months in the making, and as always, God seems to be working at just the right time. Last year we had met one of the people involved with the church relations at WR during the missions conference at church in CT, and ever since then Doug has remained in contact with this man. Until recently this relationship was mainly partnering in prayer, but now it has turned into an employment opportunity. God works in amazing ways! The job that Doug has applied for and has an “interview” for (the reason I say “interview” is because it is firstly a background/interest check and then maybe more…) seems to be an excellent opportunity for Doug and a good use for his graduate studies at Gordon-Conwell (he is graduating in January!!!). It would also be a good job if I were to get into JHU because WR is just blocks away from campus. It would also mean Doug would have a job while I’m at school!! These reasons seem so positive in our minds, however we do want to be careful and discerning about this and we want to be sure that this is what God would have for us during this next season that seems to be blossoming in front of us. Please pray that God would guide our steps and allow us to see His way for our lives!

Concerning Johns Hopkins: I had just been wondering the other day if I would hear anything further from JHU or if I needed to call them and find out where I was in the application process. The next thing I knew there was an e-mail in my mailbox requesting me to schedule an interview because my application was all set in terms of paperwork. So, I tried to schedule an interview this afternoon, however the person scheduling was out of the office. I will have to try again on Monday. But yet again I see God’s hand at work (just in time!) because I was starting to wonder if I would hear anything soon. But again, please pray that we would seek God’s will in this endeavor and that it would come to be if He ordains it.

In light of all this recent future activity we are rather excited, but at the same time we are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Please pray for us as we seek God and discern what he would have for us, especially since this is something that we ourselves really want. Pray that we would follow His will for our lives.