So, here the latest. Doug’s “interview” with a lady from HR went really well yesterday. Today, she called him and told him that they were flying him down for an in person “interview” and also to meet ‘the team’ in the church relations department. Wow! He doesn’t have an offer yet, but things are looking really positive and by the end of next week we should know something more. He was able to schedule his meetings down there to coincide with my interview at Johns Hopkins, so we are excited that we will be able to go down together! (And that we won’t have to drive those 9 long hours!!) Oh yeah, obviously I’ve been able to schedule an interview with Johns Hopkins (and a tour!). All of this will occur next week, Thursday, November 30. Doug’s interview etc. is at 11am and my interview is at 3pm.

Continue to pray for us, but praise God for His faithfulness and His confirmation through all of this. We want to be at the center of His will. We are still a bit overwhelmed at the speed of all this and with God’s goodness, however we are very EXCITED! Thank you for your prayers and we will continue to update you as we know more.