The last couple of nights at the hospital have been bizarre. I know it’s the Thanksgiving holiday, but it is still weird going in to work and the floor is virtually empty! I mean, we are used to having 30 patients (many of which are post-ops, whom require vital signs to be taken every half hour or so for several hours). In other words, it is usually CRAZY!! But ever since Tuesday or so, the floor has been quite empty – I’m talking 6-8 patients! I am not complaining except that with these few patients and the staff required for 30, many of us have to float. Now, let me tell you, that of all my most favorite activities, floating to another floor (especially the sixth) is not on the list. And you’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this – I floated twice this week (and where else, but to six!). This might not seem odd to you, but usually we do our civic duty and float about once a month. Twice in three days is too much for a girl like me to handle, especially to the worst floor in the hospital. But I have now done my duty, and I should be set for a while…. We don’t often wish for post-ops, but desperate times might call for desperate measures!

Thanksgiving has been different this year. I had to work, which makes this the first Thanksgiving that I haven’t been able to have dinner with one set of parents. But, we were able to enjoy a home cooked meal at our friends home (I love a good turkey dinner!), then I went to work and we got a free turkey dinner there (oh boy…), and then we ate ourselves silly with desserts (we each brought in something… and with only four of us on the floor… well, naturally there were leftovers!) It was hard knowing that our families were gathered together enjoying the soporific (if you ever take the GRE you will need to know this word, so look it up!) effects of tryptophan. The good news is that we will be able to eat a Thanksgiving meal with Doug’s parents this weekend! That should make up for the holiday worked, however I am not sure I can fit anything else in my tummy…

One little bit more before I head to bed… an update on WR and JHU. Doug is getting flown down to Baltimore on Thursday, so we only have to pay for one plane ticket!! And I was able to move my interview up to 12 noon, so we should have plenty of time before we need to be back at the airport to fly home! Keep praying, friends!