Less than 24 hours until we will be traveling to Baltimore for our whirlwind of a day! Doug told me this morning at 6:00 am (in my slightly delirious state…) that in 24 hours we would be leaving for Logan airport, soon to be on a plane! Ever since our trip to Zimbabwe, we have had this awe-inspiring fixation with airplanes – we can’t wait to be on one tomorrow! Is this weird? Anyway, tomorrow will mark a pretty big day in our lives in terms of work and school and we really can’t wait even though we are both rather overwhelmed. God’s will be done.

So, today, I have been busy getting things ready, deciding what to wear, finishing up my list of questions, and placing an order to a very important place* that we will be visiting while there! I have to work this evening, so I am gearing myself up for little sleep tonight as we will be leaving here early tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can catch some zzzz’s on the plane!

For all of you who are following our Baltimore saga, I will update as soon as possible. Thank you for praying!

(*Those of you who know me really well, will know what place I am talking about… otherwise you’ll just have to wait until Christmas!)