We made it there and back again. I am rather wiped, but Doug says it was just like a normal day for him (minus the plane travel and interviews…!). Things seemed to go well, however we are back to the “waiting game”. Let me start at the beginning.

We arrived at BWI at 11am and Doug had to be at WR for 11:30am. We hopped on the train and realized that it was 11:20 and we still had four or five stops to make… so, we were a little late (which we both HATE, esp. to interviews!). But anyway, we called and they were aware of our traveling and delays that can happen, so it was fine. I think it was a bit foolish for them to give him a flight that was so tight between landing time and interview… but oh well, we made it and that’s what really counts. We arrived at WR at approximately 11:45am, met the HR rep we had been talking to, and Doug was escorted upstairs to begin. Meanwhile, I was whisked away by the HR rep to continue on to the metro (which she graciously took me to my destination since I was unaware of exactly where I was going and how best to get there). I realized on our way to WR earlier that I wasn’t going to make my appointment either (12pm), so I called them and they were cool with that. Actually, their response was touching – “Now, don’t you worry dear, you just travel safe and take your time. Don’t rush.” It seems we were fifteen minutes late for everything, but we each made it to our destinations and began.

Doug had three meetings scheduled (SVP of marketing and dev., director of Church dev., and director of church partnerships). He seemed to think the first interview went pretty well, although he had a difficult time reading the SVP. The second interview went really well. He had talked to the director before on the phone and felt really comfortable with him. They seemed to “click”, which is good because he would be Doug’s supervisor. This meeting seemed very encouraging. Doug is not sure about the third interview. He couldn’t get a read off her at all, which is disappointing, however I guess the good news is that she seemed neither disappointed or exceptionally pleased… if that is good news… Anyway, she seemed non-emotional. This was also the third hour of interviewing with no lunch (our last meal was at 5:15am!) Out of all of this two major points seemed to be evident. They were a bit concerned that Doug has had little experience with the business world (and how he would adjust to that after teaching). But they were wildly excited in his interest in holistic missions and the church (and his education at Gordon-Conwell Seminary was a plus – two of the board members of WR are profs here). So, they are calling his references and then they will make a decision and we should know in 2-3 business days (we are hoping by early next week). Pray for Doug as he is feeling stressed while waiting.

I got to JHU and met with my admissions rep. I was very surprised because he came right out and told me that he hadn’t had a chance to review my file, so we would go over it together… hmmm. This disappointed me a bit because I thought he would have been more prepared. Anyway, we chatted for a while – he asked all his questions then I asked mine. I didn’t get a good feel from him one way or the other, but he did seem positive about my grades and my experience in the hospital. I should hear by December 15th, so thus I wait! After the interview (which made me kind of wish I had set up a phone interview… but at least now there is a face attached to my file), he took me on a tour of the building. Very nice – I was especially impressed with their life-like mannequins that they can program for different scenarios to test the nursing student (i.e. a patient undergoing cardiac arrest). Actually when we walked in there, the baby mannequin was breathing! It was kind of freaky, but a very cool tool in learning what to do in certain situations.

So, that’s that. Thank you all for praying for us – our flights were smooth and we even got in a smidgen earlier than we thought last night. When we got home, I went straight to bed… and I’m still exhausted! We will let you know as soon as we hear more. But for now, I will wish you a happy World AIDS day!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday:

Yeah for Airtran Airways!

WR Headquarters (Downtown Baltimore)

Reflections at BWI airport