We had our first S-N-O-W today! It is still flurrying as I write. It’s not much and it was mixed with rain, but I thought it worthy of noting. This snow marks the beginning of winter for us (eventhough technically winter doesn’t begin until the 21st or so). Here is a picture:

We have come not to utter this word much because we yearn for warm and sunny days, however I do like a good snow especially when I go for a walk in the woods. My favorite part is the quietness of the snow – with all other precipitation there is noise, but snow is silent. I love that!

In other news…. My Christmas Cactus is blooming!! My excitement has been growing over the past few weeks because I noticed 20 odd blooms (which means I did something right – I haven’t killed it yet!). I was a little bummed to find the blooms white:

But… when they opened I was so happy to see this is one of the most beautiful cactus plants I have seen yet. The blooms are white with bright pink centers. Here’s a close up:

So, today, I am enjoying being indoors with my beautiful plant!