I think I am finally ready to go to Hawaii now that I have made all of my Christmas cookies that I was charged to bring with us. Who can have Christmas without Christmas cookies? My grandmother always made tiny (about nickel or quarter size) chocolate chip cookies (along with many others…), so I thought that I should tackle the ccc this year. Well, mine are slightly bigger (I don’t know how she did it!) and I think I made way too many! Here they are:

You can count them if you’d like, however I’ll make it easier for you and tell you: There WERE 176 of them total… I ate a few and I took the rest to work (the one’s that I wasn’t bringing to Hawaii, of course!). I also made snickerdoodles (77 of those) for a grand total of 253 cookies! Eessh, that’s a lot… good thing I don’t have to eat them all!

Anyway, we are all packed a ready to go… mostly. And I can’t wait (approximately 32 hours to go)! Hawaii here we come!