…just yesterday the river was flowing by. Today, it is flowing (you’re sure), but you certainly can’t see it below the thick layer of ice coating.

…you walk out to your car in the morning (30 ft door to door) and your hair freezes.

…you go to start your car and at first nothing happens. You try again and you hear a faint rumble of sad sounding “rrrr’s”. After you can’t stand the “rrr-ing” anymore and you are about to despair, the car starts up like a champ.

…you turn the steering wheel to the car you just started and it whines back at you – “E-errrrr…!!

…you walk outside and you try to breathe and all the happens is you cough and your nose feels like it is freezing from the inside out.

…your thermometer reads 5 degrees F!

It’s days like this that make me wish I was back in Kauai hiking the Na Pali Coast…mmm

(me, my mom, and my uncle)