…what a night it was! I didn’t get out of work until 1am…and in bed by 2:30… but let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about how this “big nor-easter” really wasn’t much of anything, although it did do a number to the roads. Let’s talk about how instead of ten inches of snow (first predicted), we got about 2 inches of rain on top of our maybe 3 inches of snow, which caused the roads to get real sloppy and puddle. And then of course, it all froze. On top of it all it was rather blustery.
So, let me get to the point here… I think I am starting (maybe just a little) to wish we had some snow (some
real snow). You know, the kind that makes your heart jump up and down inside; the kind that makes you giddy; the kind that spurs on the thought of making a snowman; the kind that coats the trees in blankets of white; the kind that evokes silence…