So, I’m not usually one to do these sorts of things, but I guess I have to especially since Karoliina tagged me… Apparently I’m supposed to share ten somewhat random, yet significant details about myself and then turn around and tag you to do the same. I always used to like tag cause I was fast enough to stay away from “IT”… not this time… so, here it goes:

1. When I was little I used to suck my thumb (who doesn’t?), but my thumb was special because it tasted like strawberries! It only tasted like strawberries cause that’s what my granddad told me every time I put it in my mouth.

2. When I was in middle school my friends and I decided to make a time capsule that we would open when we graduated. We were going to bury it outside, but that wasn’t practical so we just buried it in a closet. True to our words, we opened it shortly after we graduated… I can’t even remember what was in it.

3. I have already fulfilled one of my dreams in life. I stood on this bridge and got
soaked at Victoria Falls! The only downside was that I was sick as a dog, but it was worth it!

4. In two and a half years (almost..) Doug and I have lived in eight different locations. We have “moved” (boxed and changed addresses) a total of five times… or is it six? It is exhausting, but at least we are pros at packing and fitting everything into very small spaces. We rented a 5’x11′ storage unit once and it was filled so full that when you opened the garage door you had to be watchful of things falling out! Maryland here we come…!

5. I went apple picking for the first time (that I can remember) this fall! Maybe you don’t think this is significant, but it was a turning point in my life. I plan on making it an annual occurrence!

6. I once rode a tandem bike in Africa. I wouldn’t suggest doing such a thing… I’m not quite as cool as Karoliina because I didn’t play drum at the same time. I only held on for dear life!

7. I share a birthday with THE QUEEN!

8. I have two older brothers. One has long curly hair and the other has short straight hair. I have long straight hair… And did I mention that we always got along? Well, maybe not always…

9. I own two frogs. African Clawed frogs to be exact. Malachi and Clawdia live in a small fish tank and cohabitate with a green plastic plant (and many small pebbles). It is my impression that they love their tank home and their little green food sticks (with the occasional fresh fly or insect!) They are living in Ludlow, VT and their surrogate parents are exceptional.

10. I have a birthmark on my left inner thigh. It is shaped like Madagascar and I’m proud of it.

Phew! Ok, so now I’m done with that. Alright. So, this is the part in the show where I have to tag a few people, but in the game of tag only one person can be it. This means I am only tagging one person…

Jen, YOU’RE IT!! (because your blog needs updating!)