Tonight I met one of the pioneers of South American missions: Elisabeth Elliot. One of my patients has been a friend of Lars Gren for many many years (I think he figured 47). Coincidentally, Lars is married to Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth met Lars while he was studying at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (up here in MA) and they are now living in Magnolia (one town over from us). I didn’t know it at the time (that I met Elisabeth Elliot), but I had a wonderful conversation with Lars and my patient. Elisabeth was rather quiet the whole time (she seems to be struggling with her health). When they left, I got to talking with my patient and he mentioned who Lars’ wife was and some of her story. I think I caught him off guard by being familiar with the story of Jim Elliot and the other missionaries that were killed. I felt so honored to be able to talk with this man and meet Elisabeth. What an impact she has made all over this world!

My patient offered to set up a meeting for me with Lars and Elisabeth once he heard that Doug and I plan to become missionaries. I didn’t take him up on it. Maybe one day God will bring us together again, but for now I’m in awe and rather excited that I got to meet these wonderful people!