Some of you may have thought that I fell off the face of this earth… well, I suppose that could be debatable, but the truth is that I have just been really busy and things not so important get put on the back burner. Hence, blogging has been put off… until now! I thought that I should post some pictures of the newest members of our family.

I now own a real live alpaca! Well, mostly alive… here he is:

Isn’t he so cute! My mom got him at the textile museum in Washington D.C. and sent him via air mail to me. He now lives atop a pencil – he loves his new home! AND… he is a finger puppet!! Jen, he just might top the abominable snowman!

How can you resist this face?

This one bears some explanation. My mom has been making sock creatures of late. She sent two to my brother in Hawaii and my aunt got one, so naturally I wanted one. The catch was that I wanted one made out of small socks… the challenge was on! First I had to find socks. Doug ended up getting two pairs of valentine socks at Target (for $.50/pair!), so I handed them over and Maisey was born:

Yes, those are frogs on her horns/ears! She is anxiously awaiting her twin (who is still on the drawing table, half made), but she loves her new parents and they love her! She makes me smile whenever I look at her 🙂 Hopefully she’ll make you smile too.

Well, that’s all for now. I will try to post something more soon, but I can’t promise anything…