You all have probably been wondering what we have been up to lately. Well, I decided that you deserve to know. I will try not to bore you, but hopefully I can bring you up to speed.

Doug and I took a trip to Baltimore to interview (D) and meet fellow students at JHU (E) a couple of weeks ago.

We stayed right across the street from Camden Yards!

And we saw a really cool looking mail box!

That was a super trip, however we are still waiting for a decision to be made regarding the job for Doug. We were able to meet another couple (the wife is going to attend JHU), so we hung out with them and went apartment searching!! We found a place in Reisterstown that we liked, and it is close to the metro which runs directly to JHUSON. We haven’t totally ruled out other places yet, though. Something important I learned on this trip: Dunkin Donuts makes an awful Chai Latte!

Then, we lost internet. Our internet buddies from upstairs moved away…. so, POOF! we were without internet. But, our neighbors next door were gracious enough to let us share their network provider (for a price of course!) and POOF! we are back online.

We also learned that good friends of ours from up here in MA are going to be moving to the Baltimore area as well! He got a pastoring job in Woodbine, MD (if we live in Reisterstown, they will be about 30-45 minutes away!).

For Passion week, our church up here put on a presentation of the Last Supper. It was actually called the Living Last Supper. They had narrators and real men dressed up like the disciples moving around on stage.

At the end they all posed just like DaVinci’s painting:

It looked pretty cool. They had song and dance too (well, maybe no dancing…). There were a bunch of us women who “ensembled” (my own word) two songs. We sang “How Beautiful” (Twila Paris) while the disciples were partaking Communion. I thought it was pretty powerful. I didn’t like the other song… Thus, I won’t mention it.

So, hopefully that brings you up to date. More to come.

Oh yeah, my frogs say hi:

(Malachi on the Left, Clawdia on the Right)