I am just so excited that I can’t not post something about it! Those of you who know me, know that I have a history with African Violet plants. This history really isn’t the best. I think that in three years I have owned 3 violets. And among those three violets, each had shown me blooms only from the time I got the plant to the time when the blooms shriveled. Never any more. And then what normally happens is that the violet dies a tragic and mournful death and I have to begin the cycle all over again… That is, until I got this one (perhaps I should name it?). It was blooming as usually when I received it into my care. When those cycle of blooms disappeared I tried not to think of its certain demise, so I loved it to the best of my abilities and checked it daily. Now, after several months of just seeing its soft green leaves I noticed several buds trying to poke their heads out from under the canopy of leaves. Instantly my excitement rose and I couldn’t hold back a smile and one of those odd giggles (akin to the feelings of Christmas morning…). Can you believe it?! Ten buds!
Ok, so at this point you may be thinking, “wow, this girl is strange…”, but just put yourself in my shoes and think that if you desperately loved plants (especially African Violets) and they were nothing but failures for three years straight, then you would probably feel just like I do.