It’s old news, but noteworthy nonetheless: Doug is officially graduated from GCTS! His graduation took place last weekend and it was a gorgeous day. Families and friends came to celebrate and then we had everyone over to our place for a scrumptious cookout on our grill!! It was a blast. This is a picture of Doug with his good friend Andrew (who is from Kenya – interestingly, his wife Stephanie remembers when my mom volunteered in my brother’s elementary class; Stephanie was his classmate!).

In other news, Doug has a job in MD! He will be teaching Physical Education and Health at Chapelgate Christian Academy in Marriotsville. We are so very excited for this opportunity that God has given us! He is so good to provide!

An update on our bird feeder: I hope you recall that Doug got me a squirrel proof bird feeder for my birthday. Well, as Doug was witness to it, a squirrel tried and failed miserably to get at the seed in my wonderful feeder. Just like it was supposed to, the springs didn’t hold the weight of the furry bugger and the metal leaves came down and closed off the holes! No food for you! He gave up quickly and we haven’t seen him since.

One last note. Do you remember these:Good friends of ours gave these to Doug for his graduation. Apparently only master degree holders can officially operate these capsules. I must confess, I think I get a lot more enjoyment out of watching the hatching than my husband (as you can see, we’ve already hatched two: T-Rex and Brontosaurus). I can hardly contain my excitement! Thanks Matt and Carey!!