We’ve reached a juncture in our lives; a fork in the road. It has been a time for saying goodbye to the many people that we have become close to during our time here in MA. It is most evident to me with my small group. Most of our husbands have now graduated and we are moving on to new and different things. Last week, we decided to have a cookout together as families. It was a most wonderful time to be all together. We had a blast as we basked in our last moments together. We were realizing that we would probably not have the opportunity to join together in fellowship again like we were that night. I guess I am posting this as a tribute to the women in my small group and through it I am thanking my God for His faithfulness and His unfailing Love! We may be many miles apart, but I know each of us will continue to uphold the others in prayer and thanksgiving.

Here’s a picture of all of us:I’ll start from the left.

Kristin: She finished GCTS this semester and her husband, Dave, will finish next May. Their next steps are yet unknown, but I am excited to see where God takes them.
Jenny (and little Elizabeth): She and her husband Brian are moving down to Woodbine, MD and he will be pastoring two small methodist churches.
Jessica B: Her husband, Kevin, just finished seminary as well and they are in the process of applying to churches all over the country. Kevin wants to be involved with youth ministry and soon they will be parents!!
Millie: She and her husband both graduated this May. Adam from GCTS and Millie from law school. Adam will be attending Duke in the fall for law and Millie is planning on taking the bar and starting work down there in NC.
Rebecca: She started seminary this year; her husband, Leon, finished in May. When she is done, they will be moving to Detroit to continue their ministry in a church plant there.
Mollie: Her husband Andrew just graduated and got a job in NC, so they are headed down there and they are leaving this weekend.
Jessica L: She has been struggling with cancer throughout the year so her husband, Joe, had to loosen his class load at the seminary. Pray for her healing!
Me: You all know our story!
Valarie: She and her husband are still waiting to hear if they will be in this area for the fall or somewhere else (they are targeting NC). Kyle is hoping to finish seminary next year.

I was out walking on the beach this morning. As I was kicking up the ocean water with my feet, I realized I was going to miss this place…