On Saturday Doug and I went to a soccer match (actually it was a double header). The first game was Bolivia vs. Ireland. It was very exciting as this was my first international game attended. The second game was MLS: New England Revolution vs. Kansas City Wizards. The second game was also very exciting mostly due to the New England Revolution fans, but there were also a lot more goals. It seems that whenever we go to a home game for the Revs that they lose and play horribly. Well, you guessed it, they lost (and played pretty bad). But we had a blast anyways. And to top it all off, we were in row number 7! That’s right, we were really close to the field – great seats!! Here’s a picture of us at the game:
The only downside to the game was the fact that the stadium had a no re-entry policy. We had planned to eat dinner in between the matches (we, of course, brought dinner with us – who wants to spend 10 bucks on one hotdog?!), so we left our food in the car in our cooler (they wouldn’t have let us in with it anyways, we came to find out). So, our meal that we originally thought we would eat at 6:00 didn’t get eaten until 8:30 on our ride home… Oh well! We crossed one more thing off our list of things to do before we leave MA!!

Now, for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park…