I was outside by our river inlet sitting underneath a grand oak tree with a warm breeze beside me. Studying. I have been enthralled with a word that I learned yesterday and I decided to use it. I wrote a Haiku:

Life’s ephemeral
It races by uncontrolled
We cannot stop it

This word struck me. Ephemeral. It is an adjective meaning brief; fleeting. The word itself is so beautiful. It rolls off my tongue like silk and it makes me want to repeat it over and over. But it’s definition is so laconic. And it’s meaning…. well, how can something so beautiful be fleeting? That got me thinking. Beautiful things are fleeting. They are brief and sometimes I think we miss some of the most beautiful things in this world (and maybe even outside of this world). Life itself is truly ephemeral. I hope you are able to realize this today.