Let me fill you in. I’ve been busy. That translates: I have really wanted to update my blog, but I haven’t allowed myself those kind of pleasures due to the imminence of the daunting task of re-taking the GRE. Now that is over and I can catch you all up, but I am postdating this very long entry because I can and I think that it is very cool.

Last Monday, my coworkers threw me a beach party. They said it was for me because I am leaving, but I am convinced that they had their own selfish reasons for wanting to spend the afternoon on the beach! Anyways, most of my weekend crew was off that day, so we packed up food, towels, toys, and Jello shots (pineapple was better than blue raspberry…!) and headed to the beach. It was a blast, but all of the pictures I took most everyone was looking away, except this one, which doesn’t have everyone in it… but here’s a few of my best buddies from work: These guys have been like family to me… I realized the other day that I am going to miss them more than I imagined (but more on that later). That was Monday.

Then Tuesday, Doug and I went to… (drum roll, please)… FENWAY PARK!! I can’t remember feeling so excited at a baseball game before. Maybe it’s because I actually remember it (I went to many as a kid and loved it, but I don’t remember this same effervescent feeling). Anyways, we had a blast and I made sure we had the whole experience: Fenway Franks, soft pretzels, and a visit to the pro shop (got a T-shirt to prove it!). Fenway Park is really cool because it is an old stadium and when you step inside it feels like you’ve been transported back in time to the days of Babe Ruth, with wooden, paint pulling off, pull down seats to boot! I’d love to go again, but I think it is a one time deal for me. We will definitely go see the Red Sox at Camden Yards for sure! Here we are enjoying the game in our awesome seats: Doesn’t the guy in the back look pumped?! And Doug looks a little fazed… hmm…what was in that coke??

And then I worked on Wednesday, which was the fourth, but I got to watch a parade in the morning right outside our complex and then I watched bits and pieces of the Boston Pops on TV while I was working. It was good, especially the 1812 overture with real cannon blasts. You’re my hero William Tell.

Friday was our last official day of pick up soccer at GCTS, in which I proceeded to land a huge lump on the inside of my shin right above my ankle bone. I’ve been icing it ever since. It’s starting to turn green… Wahoo!

Ok, so that brings you up to date. By the way, for those who care… I did much better on the GRE. Hopefully that will be good enough for grad school. Now I can relax and PACK!