We are slowly settling in and learning to call this place home. At times we have been drawn back to reality (like getting our cars registered… and finding out we had to fix the jeep’s brakes), but for the most part we both still feel like this whole move has been surreal and it hasn’t all sunk in yet. Personally, I am waiting for reality to hit because I know when it does I will be knee deep (and quickly sinking) in school related activities! Am I ready to start school again? I have a hard time answering this question. Yes, I am excited to a point, but at the same time my knees are knocking and I’m not sure I am prepared or ready for this next season. I feel under qualified and undeserving, but in the midst of it all I have a peace. God has placed this task before me – He has given me this opportunity, this desire, and I must do my best to glorify Him through everything. Pray for me as I am learning to do this!

In the last few days before I begin school I have been sewing curtains, going to the aquarium (it’s so nice to have a membership), spending time with friends, preparing for class, and we are trying to name all 14 of our fish in our pond out back! Here’s the list so far: Bert, Ethel (these two came to us named), Elroy, Habib, Gloria, and Harvey. It’s so much fun getting to know them!! If any of you have suggestions for the eight others please let me know.