Two relatively introverted people doing relatively bold moves. And may I add that we are not risk takers…

Doug and I were talking the other day about our recent bold moves. I will tell you two condensed stories.

One. Doug witnessed strong opposing views during a staff meeting at work. And apparently it got pretty heated… He is the new guy and had no idea what was going on. But instead of sitting back and enjoy being oblivious to the matters, he felt compelled to share something. In fact, he read from the Bible what God would think of this bickering. (*I think that was extremely bold especially for an introverted new guy) The tempest was quelled and it is interesting to note that the next morning, the staff began on the road to reconciling their problems. I also might add, that although Doug spoke these words, we believe God empowered him and gave him the boldness to speak what He wanted all of them (and us) to know.

Two. We have been trying out new churches (4 in 4 weeks) to see where God might have us. Well, this last week, we stopped by the booth for people our age and were invited to a BBQ. So, quite quickly, we both decided to go. To find this place where we knew no one. Not a soul. Again, pretty bold – in fact, quite the opposite from what my introverted self really wanted to do. But we did it and met some pretty fun people and I had a blast playing volleyball all night. I won’t say that we have decided on this church, in fact, we may not even ever go back (who knows), but the point is that we stepped out. We made a choice and it was a good one. We were encouraged by others and we were able to encourage others. Even people we didn’t know.

How precious life is! Have you ever thought for a moment how a simple choice can change everything? Think about it. If Doug hadn’t spoken what God placed on his heart, where would the staff be now? Would their issues be on the road to recovery? Would I be reminded how important it is to be a body of believers concerned with one thing and one thing only; to glorify God? If we hadn’t gone to the BBQ what might be different? Of course we could have stayed home and had a quiet evening all to ourselves, but maybe I had an impact on someone there or vice versa. God used that time for His work. How exciting it is to know that He has a purpose for all that goes on. What a joy it is to say yes to something, to be bold for a moment and just ‘go for it’. How neat to look back and see God’s hand all along.

I am not always bold. I will not always take advantage of an opportunity. In fact, I will probably fail at this many more times than I succeed. But our God is bigger than any of my failings or successes. That is incredible! And the best part is that He will use it no matter how it turns out.

I would encourage you to be bold this week. Do something that you would not normally do and see where God takes it!