...furnished our home with two new rocking chairs!

The story behind these chairs: Probably about 5 yrs ago, Doug and I were at the NY state fair and we stopped at an Amish Furniture vendor and sat in these chairs. Wow…they were so comfortable, but we couldn’t afford them at that point; plus, what would we do with 2 rocking chairs? They would only go into storage. So anyways, after we got married, we always thought how cool it would be to find these chairs again and get them. Well, in small apartments it was virtually impossible to think that they would fit, but when we moved to MD we all of the sudden had ROOM! Well, long story short, we took a trip to PA this past weekend with the goal of finding the chairs. Lo and behold we did!! And they are still as comfortable and they are now in our living room šŸ™‚ If only you saw how we stuffed them into the backseat of our Toyota Corolla!

And. Do you remember my Clivia plant? Well, here it is blooming! Boy, was I surprised to see its gorgeous mango colored buds one morning!