Now that I have officially finished my first semester of nursing school, I have ample time to update all of my readers. I figured I would give you a glimpse of some of the highlights of November and December.

I suppose all that I really remember from November is the foliage. We had one very striking Japanese Maple tree in our backyard that really caught my eye. It is because of this tree that I am looking forward to next fall.

December started off with SNOW!! Our first and only snow (so far) proved to cover us in a brilliant white. I have forgotten what it is like to live south of New
England – everything shuts down when the first flake falls.
And then there were
finals… I don’t suppose you want the gory details; all you really need to know is that I passed all of my classes!

To celebrate, we had a gingerbread house party! A bunch of my friends from school had never made a gingerbread house so we figured this was necessary. This was definitely a highlight for me and I think we have just started a tradition! Here are some pictures:

All of us, behind our ‘village’ (still in progress)

Our mini town – done. Mine is the house on the bottom left (with the green walkway). It is technically done in this picture, although I am hoping to add some finishing touches to it sometime soon!

Here is my friend Lisanna, proud that all three houses made it home all in one piece! They fit perfectly in the back of the Jeep.