At clinical on Thursday I witnessed the miracle of life. I didn’t just witness the birth of a child; I was able to be a part of the whole process. Early on in my shift, I met my patient, due with her first child, and her husband and I was able to spend the better part of eight hours with them. I cannot even explain the course of emotions that I experienced. Nervousness. Gratefulness. Excitement. Fear. Overwhelming joy. Amazement. Awe.

I was just the nursing student. But my role was so much more. I was just there asking questions. But I was really there to come alongside this new mother. I was just another person in the room; another voice in the chaos. But I was an encourager; I was a hand on her shoulder. And so, for those three hours of intense pushing I was able to be an intimate part of this family’s life.

What an honor to be allowed this opportunity. I had a first row seat and I was blown away by God! At the end of the day, an eight pound baby boy started his new life. Wow. This is why I am here.