I am counting down the days. And I’m not ashamed to say it. Or do it.

“I am halfway to being a nurse!” One of my “studdie buddies” can’t wait to say this when we take our last final (of our first year) in May (just five weeks away). Am I really almost this far through the first stage of my education? Am I really only a year (and five weeks) away from being a nurse? A real live nurse?! Wow. Some days it feels like I just started this program. It’s hard enough to separate each day from the other let alone organize all the information I am learning. I am still amazed at how much I know (and how much I don’t) and how much more I will! While some days the time flies; others seem to drag. These days are hard for me – I tend to lose perspective and will power. But then I will have a day like the other and remember why I’m here:

That inner excitement starts to bubble up from my soul to the point where I cannot help but laugh out loud or show my teeth in a bright smile. I feel that energy build up within me and it starts to paralyze me in happiness. Confidence in my choice to be here is confirmed. Peace instilled. And all I can do is glorify God!

I wish these days were more frequent. I want to keep my eyes and my heart in this course that God has called me to. I want to be fully used in this place. My full potential cannot be realized when I reach those days of sluggish apathy. I cannot serve the God I love when I am selfish. And I certainly won’t be truly happy when I focus on myself.

So, while I count down the days I pray that I will be able to take each day left of my time here to glorify God and realize my passion.