I Made it though finals.
Survived my first year of nursing school.
(Don’t ask what the “wink reflex” is)
I am officially an “R”.
Next year at this time, hopefully I’ll add the “N”.
Took three weeks to recover.
Read the Harry Potter books.
Made a “to do” list for the summer.
Crossed off half of the “to do’s”.
Celebrated Doug finishing his school year by hopping in the car.
Drove 267 miles to CT.
Did many things (keep your eyes peeled for future posts).
BBQ’d like it was 1999. Really.Drove 183 miles to VT.
Did many things.Bought yarn.
knit, knit, knit (look for the next post).
Drove 176 miles to MA.
Stayed in sketchy motel #1.
Breakfasted at the Stone Soup. YUM!
Felt very full.
Feasted our eyes on the Atlantic Ocean.

Went to Fenway Park. Hugged Wally.Stayed in not-so-sketchy motel #2.
Ate THE BEST ice cream with good friends.
Drove 178 miles back to CT.
Did many things. Again.
Drove 267 miles back home.
Now recovering from our tour of the Northeast.