While we were journeying north, I found the most wonderful book: Toy Knits by Debbie Bliss. And since I now have ample time to knit (hooray!) , I knew what I had to do – start a project! Here is a sneak peak:It’s a play mat made up of five inch squares (give or take). The best part is the accompanying farm animals!The sheep.Close up of the littlest sheep (some call them lambs). This was actually not in the pattern – it originally started as a swatch to see what would happen if I brushed the yarn (alpaca wool), but I couldn’t resist making a miniature sheep (no longer than 1.5 inches)!The pig family.One of the piglets – way too cute! The pattern didn’t call for legs, but I just had to add them 🙂
I will post more pictures as I complete more of the mat (and accessories). I still have a cow, bull, and hay bales to make… maybe another sheep or pig too! And then there are the squares… Do you think I’ll finish before the summer’s out?