I was cleaning up today and as it usually happens I got side tracked. In the corner of our living room there is a chest that houses some of my childhood memories of years past (things that I had perhaps grown “out of”, but was unwilling to pitch). When I opened up the chest I found some wonderful memories that I had totally forgotten about! In amongst the glow lights, small knick knacks, and horse boots I found clay! It all started the summer I was going into 6th grade and I found out that there was no room in the class for me (or at least at the time). My mom ended up home schooling me for half the year. We had a blast visiting all sorts of museums and natural history places and it was at one of these places that we came upon an Indian village and noticed their carvings etc. When we got home, my assignment was to make my very own “carvings” out of clay. So, what began as a school assignment became so much more as the hours passed by and I created things. I let my imagination run wild and I had so much fun doing it! I continued making clay things long after my initial encounter, but at some point it all got boxed up and put in this chest.

When I opened that chest up today, I took a trip down memory lane and I had this intense desire to play with some clay (if it was still soft enough!). This is what I created – and it was all a big experiment, but I had fun doing it. I think I will have to have another clay date sometime very soon!
p.s. They are all beads! The biggest one is probably about half dollar size (maybe a smidgen bigger) and the smallest is pea sized.