On the Farm Play Mat.

I’m still going at it, albeit slowly. Here is a picture of hedges, fences, and one stone wall sewn onto the whole piece (I put that together a few days ago). The hay bales (which are difficult to see) are not yet sewn on.
Here is a closer picture. Isn’t it fun?! I LOVE this project!
And here is a picture with a piece of felt that I have decided to sew onto the back. It is a wool blend and a beautiful green heather color (it’s difficult to tell in the picture). I think that it will look really nice all put together. P.S. Can you spot my toes?I will keep posting pictures as I finish more (although with school starting tomorrow I think it will be going together a bit more slowly…).

And yes, school does start tomorrow, which means that I will probably not post as often as I would like. But I will do my best and I will try to keep up on things so that I can update you on our lives. Thanks for being patient! 🙂