Alas, I am back in the throws of nursing school. But it is not all bad. In fact, it is quite good (or at least I am going to make it that way!). Truly, what would life be without drama? The drama I speak of can be summed up in two words: Adult Health. And to review, this drama consists of jaw dropping “lectures”, trips to the dean, awkward conversations with mediation, and quite a bit of emotional exhaustion. And if you’re wondering, No, it’s not just me. This drama has involved my whole class. Through it all I have realized just how thankful I am for our class president, academic deans who care, and the best study group in the world. So, after just three weeks I have resolved to let it go. Onward and upward – I have the power to make this semester what it is and that is just what I will have to do. So, I will speak no more of this “drama” because it obviously does not apply anymore 🙂

I am currently taking a class called “Informatics” (yes, it’s a required course) – it is basically how to use a computer and during the semester I will take part in online discussions, virtual classes, and I will construct a web page (which, by the way, my webmaster brother is aghast that we will be using Word for its construction – but, as I have never made a web page before, I am quite excited – ignorance is bliss!). We spent the first virtual class troubleshooting and laughing our brains out all the while wearing headphones with built in microphones (the kind I picture telemarketers wearing). I should remind you, I am in nursing school, not computer technology. I’m still trying to make the connection…

So, I have brought you up to date on the “drama” class and informatics, but I have left out the third class – Research. This class is supposed to instill a deep love of research within my soul – and I have resolved to let it try. The main project for the class involves a group (thankfully, hand picked by us) and a research project. Since you are a captive audience, I’ve decided to share my research question with you: “What is the effect of night shifts and rotating night shifts on patient care and nurses’ health in the hospital?” Contrary to what you may think, this is actually a fascinating subject since many first year nurses are required to rotate shifts (days, evenings, then nights, then repeated). I forgot to mention that the root of nursing research is “Evidence Based Practice” – the goal is to research clinical trials/research in order to better nursing care. As a group, perhaps we will be able to change this issue of rotating shifts (of course, depending on our findings!).

So, now you have a birds eye view of my current semester. In just four weeks, “drama” will be replaced with Pediatric nursing for the remaining seven weeks. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am also hoping to audit an infectious diseases class – should be fascinating – but that doesn’t start until October 21.

There you have it. Any questions?