I have to tell you about a fabulous opportunity that awaits me in just a few short months. And it is just one more reason why I love Hopkins. I don’t know how other nursing schools work, but JHUSON made the decision a few years ago that the last seven weeks of our education should be strictly clinical (The class is called Transitions). Basically, the first seven weeks of my last semester will be front-loaded (so technically 14 weeks are squeezed into a mere 7 weeks). The last seven weeks are where things get exciting. From my understanding it is like an “internship” – I use that term loosely, but I think it will make things easier for most of you to understand. We are assigned a nurse mentor for the whole time; we work their schedule; take care of their patients; and LEARN a whole lot!

And the best part (as if it weren’t great already) is that there is an option to do your Transitions class internationally! And as most of you know our hearts lie in Africa, you will be pleased to know that there is a site in South Africa (Durban). There are many other sites as well including Singapore, UAE, S. Australia, London, Beirut, and China. What an amazing opportunity!

As I start the application process (paperwork is due by October 17, then an interview in Mid November, and a decision in early December), I would ask you to pray. Pray that God would continue to direct me/us in His path and that I would be able to discern His will clearly. Pray also that He would place me at the site that He deems perfect for me at this time (and that I would be content with it). Thank you so much for your faithful support.