I’m taking you all back to Halloween because that’s when I meant to post… ha! I thought I’d share my carving adventure from start to finish. D and I went to our favorite apple picking spot this October to find our pumpkins (we had never been to their patch before). As well as coming home with a half bushel of wonderful apples, we added three “orange squash” to our front porch.
After a few days, I decided it was time to carve! Here’s how they turned out:
I had to be at clinical late on Friday, the 31st, so I missed Halloween altogether, BUT D was great and lit them with candles (sad to say, no photos…). Missing this opportunity for a photo shoot, I decided to wait until my next free moment. It was to my surprise that when I finally made it outside to do just that, my two smiley faces were GONE!


Ah. Maybe next year…