Sorry for the delay… Hopefully this post will bring you all up to date on the happenings in the Porter clan.

NOVEMBER ended with the completion of several group projects for me for school – all of which I was finally happy to be done with! In the midst of all of these, Doug and I ran a marathon in Richmond, VA – we are happily considered “finishers” and in a sick way we are both looking forward to running another one (with faster times) soon (yet TBD). Promptly after “recovering” we both got the flu (my experience was slightly less severe due to my flu shot).

DECEMBER began with finals (all of which I passed, thankfully). My immuno-suppressed body succumbed to sickness during finals week beginning with a sinus bug which turned into a respiratory bug causing me to lose my voice (I think this is only the second time I have ever really truly lost my voice) and miss my last day of clinical. Meanwhile I whispered to nurse recruiters during JHUSON’s career day. It is time to start applying for jobs – this is weird to me because I am not even a nurse yet (most places hire you before you take the board exam!). The end of the semester was a happy time for me mostly because I think this semester was my least enjoyable. Just thinking about next semester gives me happy butterflies and makes me want to jump out of my skin in anticipation (and by the way, this has nothing to do with graduation, but everything to do with my class load – and I am not kidding).

After the semester ended, my clinical instructor had her two clinical groups over for dinner Persian style – it was fabulous! Shortly thereafter (with much packing and cleaning), I headed to Philadelphia to meet up with my parents to “bury” my grandmother (she died in 2003 and gave her body to science; this was the first time everyone was able to gather). It was a wonderful time (albeit cold and rainy). Two days later my parents dropped me off in CT and Doug made the 5.5 hour trip (turned to 7.5 hours in traffic) to join me.

We started vacation (2 weeks!) in CT, sandwiched Christmas in VT in the middle, and ended with New Years back in CT. All the while, I was dealing with another respiratory bug (but this didn’t dampen the joys of spending time with family and good friends). As always, there were way too many people we didn’t get to see. Know that you are in our hearts!

JANUARY is now beginning and we are home (how sweet it is) and Doug is back to teaching and I think I am finally over sickness. Meanwhile I don’t start back up until the end of January. This is nice, however I have a long list of things to do during my extended vacation.

Blessings to each and every one of you in this new year!