I was sitting on the couch just now listening to a CD in our stereo (we have an “old school” mix in) and this song came on. Even though I was distracted by work on the computer, these words drifted into my consciousness. I realized that this is what I want – this is what I long for. If only I were at a place where pure and total satisfaction only came from meeting with my God!

I’ve searched for gold and I’ve longed for the silver
I’ve climbed the mountain for one glance of a jewel
I won’t be satisfied ’til I’ve found what I’ve come for
I won’t be satisfied ’til I meet with you

I felt the coal it burned on my lips
Then there were diamonds you brought to my side
And I’ll be poor if it means I can find
More passion for the secrets you hide

Is there hope enough these days to forgive someone like me?
Is there grace enough these days to forgive someone like me?

(Delirious?, “I’ve Searched for Gold”, Cutting Edge disc 2)