I thought I was ready for the barrage of questions. In particular, one question: How was South Africa? But I guess I wasn’t. In fact, I wasn’t ready for the overwhelming feelings of being back on US soil. I wasn’t ready to be back. I suppose that I’m not being fully truthful in that – one of the best things (and one that I was more than ready for) was being back together with my husband. That aside, it took me a full week to start to be able to think through my thoughts. It took a week to clear my head and begin to make sense of America again. It’s going to take a lot longer to be able to answer that one question: How was South Africa? How can I answer that question and give you the picture of my experience? If I respond that it was “good”, what does that really mean? Can you really understand my experience through words? Sometimes I wish I could just place my hand on your skin and let my thoughts, feelings, and pictures flow right into your mind’s eye (for you Twilight readers out there, you know what I’m talking about). Instead, I have to formulate words and expressions and try to help you understand my feelings. I am responsible to draw pictures for you with words and show you pictures with added words, stories, and names. To make it real. To make it tangible.

How was South Africa?

Heart wrenching.
No words.

These are just words with feelings attached. I wish I could share the whole trip with you in just a few sentences. A few stories. A few pictures. But I can’t. And it’s going to take some time. So, thank you for your patience and your understanding. I will work on getting bits and pieces of Durban into this blog so that you can experience some of what I was blessed to be a part of for 7.5 weeks.