My backyard has been a constant joy over the past few weeks. I keep noticing new buds and blooms and beauty all around. This is why I love Spring’s transition to Summer. Last year, we re-potted our water lily. If you could have seen it you may have laughed because the roots had literally broken out of the original pot. So, we read up on water lily re-potting, bought a bigger pot, and got wet. Almost immediately we noticed a difference – the lily sprouted many new shoots and was beautiful. But, we only ever saw one bloom at a time. This year was different.

While we were away we missed the first blossom, but when we got back we noticed two buds ready to breach the surface. Normally (in the past) if two buds were coming simultaneously only one would bloom and the other die off. To our amazement, we have been enjoying two blooms on our lovely plant. While photographing this momentous occasion, I snapped a few of our fish too!

I also thought I should incorporate a picture of a beautiful cactus garden that we visited in Hawaii. I have dreams of starting my own garden full of these unique and beautiful plants!