Today was the first of three days of hospital “classroom” orientation. It was the largest orientation class that they have ever seen (just about 130 people)!

The whole time I was eyeing the knick-knacks on the tables. There was a plastic bucket filled with stress balls (shaped as various sports balls, plus a world, heart, and a star), badge clips, pens, and brightly colored sticky notes. But what made me most curious was the clear, glass vase filled with pipe cleaners. We had already played an ice-breaker game, so I just assumed that they were set aside for another game. Oh, how wrong I was. Or maybe one of the speakers had seen my doodling (one of my many ways of focusing better)… I don’t know. But, halfway through the day, our orientation leader made an announcement: “The pipe cleaners are on your table in case you need something to do with your hands, so help yourselves!” She must have read my mind! I came home with a bouquet* 🙂

*There are four flowers and a bee!