5 April 2009: The Butterfly Dance

We spent a lazy afternoon at the Durban Botanic Gardens. A mere fifteen minute walk from our flat lies this beautiful, peaceful place. Palms, Banyans, Plumeria, Water Lilies, Cacti, Herbs, Orchids, and so much more were found around every turn of the path. What a joy to walk around! I was a child full of wonder as I spotted new and beautiful plants and wildlife. The highlight was watching the monkeys in the trees. I was also enthralled by the butterflies!

Yellow and black in a blur
Spinning around
Up and down.
Pausing to rest
On a nearby flower.
Briefly blur becomes clear.
Only for a moment.
Then with a whirl
Clarity turns to blur
And pause becomes flight.
Now there are three.
A flurry of excitement
And then dispersed.
With a breath
They are gone.
The butterfly dance.