Last weekend, Doug and I drove to Easton to meet up with a friend of his who was in town from South Africa. He has known Naomi for 10 years and has been saying how much he wanted us to meet. Naomi and I have had e-mail conversations, but we have never met face to face. We had a wonderful few hours with her walking the streets of downtown Easton and stopping to drink refreshing coffee and smoothies. I left our visit wishing we lived closer, although I think Doug is wishing differently – Ha! (it was a little scary how well we got along)!

At one point, we came across this wonderful upturned beetle on the sidewalk. I wasn’t sure how she would react, so I tried to nonchalantly turn the guy over with my foot (careful to not hurt him). To my utter enjoyment, she bent down and picked him up! We spent the next five minutes looking at/holding the little fellow and drawing much attention from drivers stopped at a red light until we returned him safely to a patch of mulch.

I found out later that this was a male Eastern Hercules Beetle. He was beautiful! On our way to drop Naomi off, we passed a farm of Belted Cows (aka Galloways) and had to stop to take pictures. I haven’t seen many of these cows in person, so it was really cool to catch a sighting!