11 April 2009: Hluhluwe Game Reserve*

I can’t even describe the amazing beauty that I was surrounded by today! Hills as far as the eye could see, spotted with trees, sometimes dense forests and brush. Greens, some bright, some dark. Shadows from the clouds above, playing tricks on the ground. It was all so breathtaking!

We arrived at the gate to the park in our Nissan Micra (it was quite comical being surrounded by large Land Rovers and other 4×4 vehicles more adapted for the land). We only had two trouble spots… extreme mud (we turned around, no questions asked), and a really steep hill (which, after several attempts complete with spinning wheels, we turned around…again). Not to worry, we didn’t miss too much!

Within five minutes, we spotted rhino! Throughout the rest of the day we spotted giraffe, impala, nyala, baboon, warthog, crocodiles, zebra, and turtles. What an amazing day!

*Hluhluwe is pronounced “Shlue-shlue-way”