17 April 2009: Inkosana Lodge

My first real experience driving on the left side of the road. Standard transmission (shifting with my non-dominant hand). At night. What an experience. We left Durban at 8pm. I went with three medical students (two American and one South African) and two of my Hopkins roommates. My co-pilot kept me awake, while the back seats slept the whole way. Most of the drive was highway and uneventful. The trip got interesting when we got off the exit for our lodge. This was when I truly missed American street lights. By the time we arrived it was really late and everyone was awakened by the driveway full of “potholes” (ditches) through the bush. Thankfully we, and the car, arrived in one piece!

We parked, unpacked the car, and were enveloped by darkness. And then I looked up. Far away from the city lights in an area where electricity was scarce, the sky was lit up. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the magnificent sight I beheld. I used to have dreams of becoming an astronaut. All I could think of at this moment was that this was the next best thing. Perhaps, even, this is what it would feel like up in space. It was as if I could reach out and touch the sky. Like I could pluck the stars from the expanse and fill my pockets. Words cannot describe the view. Words cannot begin to express the awe and amazement. I was held captive by the mighty Creator and I couldn’t breathe. Wow.

I wasn’t the only one. Isn’t it amazing how our God can capture our hearts? I wish you could be here to share this with me!