18-19 April 2009: The “Berg”

Once again I am left breathless by the beauty before me. We are literally in the shadow of the mountains. Surrounding us are peaks, gradients of blue, varying in distance. The clouds seem to touch the tops of the mountains. Some can be seen hovering just below the peaks. Wow. I feel as though I am a guest at an art gallery. That if I reached out and touched the scene I would feel the brushstrokes layered upon each other. But no, this is the real thing. I remember being speechless at viewing a photograph of this area. Now, being in the midst of such grandeur, has knocked the wind out of me. Just like last night, I am transfixed by the view all around me. I am frozen in space trying to grasp the enormity of it all. I am overwhelmed by my God who is bigger, more beautiful, and more majestic than this place.

We visited a waterfall today. We talked about love. We relished each others company. But mostly, we took it all in with amazed faces. I got to be a part of this jaw-dropping beauty! The place was called Monk’s Cowl.

The evening brought fabulous ribs* (our second restaurant attempt), a visit to the liquor store, much conversation in the company of the heavens, new friends (from Belgium), a rip-roaring game of Mafia, and wonderfully thick wool blankets.

In the morning we were indecisive, but finally settled on visiting the bushman paintings at Giant’s Castle. Another fabulous day of hiking ensued with a stop in the middle of a meandering stream. And on our drive back to our lodge we came upon an unexpected parade for Zuma (the soon-to-be new president).

*These ribs became the subject of many conversations from here on out…