Since December 1, 1988 the world has set aside this day to increase awareness, decrease prejudice, and increase education of HIV/AIDS. There is no question about it, AIDS affects just about everyone. I have told you stories about the people I have met. I’m sure you have heard of Siphiso, the young woman I visited in Zimbabwe in a smoke filled hut, who was dying of AIDS, but found great hope in her Saviour. Or I could refer you to the faces of children orphaned by the disease whom I spent an afternoon with drawing pictures of sheep.

Then there was Siyaphila in McCord Hospital where I sang a Zulu song (of which I could only remember 2 lines) to calm down a patient with HIV induced psychosis. Or Sinikithemba (the AIDS clinic at McCord Hospital, South Africa) that reaches out to so many people. I could tell you of IV drug abusers on the streets of Baltimore, MD. One specifically, Ms. C, has become an advocate for her disease and if she survives the multiple cancers and infections has vowed to proclaim her story. These people are REAL. They have a special place in my heart. I am excited to be able to come in contact with this group of people on a daily basis. This is why I am a nurse. Please take time today to remember the people affected by HIV. Pray for them. Pray for me as I try to minister to them.