30 April 2009: The End
Today marks the end of my education “officially”. I guess I still need to get home (I’ve got another week or so) and graduate, but at least it feels good to be done with all my classes. Transitions is over. To celebrate, I enjoyed a lazy day with my roommate. We lunched at a wonderful spot – the
KZNSA cafe. There was a great band playing, so we enjoyed music, lattes, and lunch. Nothing better!

These two years have flown by. I think back to my first couple of days of nursing school. Meeting new people, learning new things, reviewing old things, and exploring Baltimore. Then as time went on, learning how to study effectively, how to make time for my husband, how to deal with the stress of school, and strengthening new friendships. And then the bliss of the summer off! The second year began with the decision to train to run a marathon, putting more nursing skills to practice, and applying to train overseas. Finally after two years and two continents, I am done. It doesn’t feel real yet. Maybe it never will. But I will treasure each memory I’ve made and the friendships that have developed.

This is the king sized bed I had all to myself!