I find myself in this place often: apologizing for my lack of blogging. It seems that I tend to blog really well for a period of time then I consistently become lax. I could blame this on the natural ebb and flow of life, or on my lack of creativity, or my busyness, or on… well, you get the picture. But, for whatever reason, I don’t think excuses will cut it this time. Other than my time away in South Africa, this has been the longest time away from updates in a while. So, here it is – my apology and a few sentences about the last couple of weeks:

Remember this post? Well, we decided to upgrade! Thankfully, we already have lenses, so all we needed was the body (and, we found a great deal!). We have yet to play with it much or read the manual from cover to cover, but I think this was a good investment! Stay tuned for pictures.

Doug and I got iPhones – our service contract was ending with Sprint and, to be honest, we are happy to have severed ties (although, it’s been a few months now and we are still calling every month to
remind them that we should no longer be under their service!). I tend to appreciate simple things, but what an ingenious piece of technology! I love it!

We had a WHITE Christmas! 26 inches of whiteness, to be exact… and then it promptly melted with just about as much rain!

We went to Urbana right after Christmas. For us, the conference itself was frustrating. We found it lacking for where we are right now.
But we found the time speaking with the vendors from different missions organizations extremely productive. Doug and I are still processing and praying through many of the conversations we had.

I reached my six month mark working at UMMC! I have cared for some wonderful and amazing patients. These people have restored my faith in my ability to provide care in the hospital setting. But work continues to be a struggle and I am learning so much each day!

It’s not much, but at least this gives you a glimpse of what you’ve missed!