Friends of ours from CT have family living just north of Durban. Before I left, I was instructed to connect with them while I was over there. After our rotations were complete at McCord Hospital, one roommate left for home and one left to spend a few days in Mozambique with a few other people we met here in Durban. Understandably, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to call this family up.

Rhona and Derek welcomed me into their home like I was their own daughter. They requested I stay a few extra days so they could take me to their favorite place. How could I resist when this was a place I have dreamed of visiting before I die? So, I started upon a journey that has left me with a lasting impression (and many stories)!

I was blessed to have two wonderful guides on my journey through Kruger National Park. They have been many times and knew several of the animals’ stories (and where/when to find them), as they have watched them grow up (so to speak). What an experience!

As I wrap up my journal entries from Durban, I’ll take you on my five day trek through the bottom half of Kruger. Perhaps your breath will be taken away just as mine was nearly every moment I opened my eyes. In the least, I hope you are amazed at what our great Creator has made!