The first storm and Corey rocking the tools…

If you can’t tell, that’s my Jeep parallel parked in downtown Baltimore. I spent the night with a friend so I could make it to work in the morning. She lives 1.9 miles from the hospital.
Her road wasn’t plowed, so we were forced to shovel ourselves out every 15 feet or so until we made it to the end of her street. 28 inches and close to 2 hours later, we made it… My Jeep was a champ!

Corey’s side walk.

Code yellow disaster emergency = We were forced to stay the night in the PACU.

My “bed” (one of about 25 in a room)

The second storm (within five days from the last) and a view of downtown Baltimore. 21 on top of 28 = 49 inches in 5 days! All of this equals 160+ hours of work in two weeks (for perspective, I normally work 84 hours every two weeks) – granted 60 of these hours were “on-call” (a.k.a. “You’re not allowed to leave”)

A well deserved break at our hotel during the second storm.

**Baltimore is officially the snowiest city in the country this season:
80+ inches to date**